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& the world is a stage... // boxofmarzipan
And for a moment you felt important... 
12th-Apr-2006 10:05 pm
[DW] Tardis (T&C)
This isn't an icon update just a, well, thank you to the people over at ros_awards who voted for my "mother & daughter" icon:

It won in the 'We Are Family: Family Themed Icons' category and I'm extremely chuffed. *blushes*

Sorry, I just thought I'd share this... I've never won one of these type of things...so thank you to rosangie who nominated the icon (and one other icon) and to the people who voted.

Expect icon updates for my claims; General House M.D. at 100icons (which I am currently re-doing), and The Trio at 100hp very soon.

EDIT: (just as a reminder for myself)
100 icons on House M.D. (general) for 100icons due: 05/05/06
100 icons on The Trio (Harry, Ron, Hermione) for 100hp due: 02/06/06
100 icons on The Pevensie Children for narnia_100 due: 22/06/06
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